Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Doggie Children [ aka. furry bundles of happiness]

Here they are! Our babies, Tyrone and Itty Bitty! I am sure you can place the name with the face, it is easy to do. They are so sweet and bring me happiness day in and out. Tyler and I have had them both since they were puppies and now they are 6 years old. Their gray chinny chin chins bring tears to my eyes because I can't imagine life with out them. I love them with all my heart and they are two of my best friends... forever!


  1. I "get it", Amy.
    We have a gray chinned poochie too.
    Your guys are adorable.

  2. Bless their hearts! Thank you for posting these pictures of your dogs, Amy. Love flows out of me when I'm with a dog or even when I see one. It's a great feeling isn't it? I desperately wanted a dog when I was a boy but my mother refused because she thought it would mess up the house. I compensated by admiring and petting my friends' dogs. Today I have a black female Cocker Spaniel named Toto who just turned 12. Her ears and snout are white now and she has a heart murmur, arthritis and other problems. I know that I'll be without her someday but in the meantime I will give her all my best. Thank you again for showing me your precious doggie children, Amy!

  3. Being a dog lover myself, I absolutely understand how you feel about your two precious poochy children! We have five and I love each and every one. They are all so different in temperament and all totally devoted and loving towards us and each other. Don't feel sad, Amy. Greying beards don't mean anything. At six, they still have a good few years ahead of them. Just continue to love and enjoy them as you do every single day! We look forward to visiting them regularly through your posts.

  4. Hi Amy!

    I just found your blog, after seeing that you're now following mine (thanks!) and I am so excited to see that the most recent post is about your dogs! I love, love, LOVE dogs and yours are such sweetie pies! Too adorable :-)

  5. A dog lover! I knew I liked you. My wife and I have 5 dogs ranging from Ol' Buddy (37) pounds, to Taylor who sprang from the shallow end of the gene pool and she weights 104.
    But I love me some dogs.

  6. So amazing how quickly Itty Bitty has grown up! Still the cutest lil' thang even with gray chin! I wonder how Beignet and Itty Bitty would hang now that Beignet is all of 92 lbs and not the baby she was the last time they were pals!
    Care for a trial run?