Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coffee + Inspiration = A lovely Saturday Morning

I feel bad that I have been neglecting my blog and my sweet followers lately.  Just to let you know I have a bad habit of taking on too many projects at once but I love them all, so I just keep taking on more and more.  To say the least my projects make me happy and I do not see myself breaking this habit anytime soon!

This morning I woke up early... made myself some of my FAVORITE coffee... and stumbled across some inspiration on the World Wide Web.  I have decided to share some images that I fell in love with.  All these images came from a website I found called Lonny Magazine.  I hope you all love them as much as I do.

I love this color combination so much that I'm currently using it in my own living room.  So funky and fresh!

This is the best artwork I have seen over a fireplace in a good while.  I would advise everyone to enlarged and framed the pictures you love the most and decorate your home with them.  Hands down they always make the BEST artwork! 

I want this bedroom so bad I can taste it!!!

Tyler and I agree that we will have this bathroom one day!

I want this same mess on my counter tops!!!

And these puppies on either side of my fireplace!

I am a sucker for a beautiful garden stool!

Ahhhh Asian Panel Artwork!


This is the BEST wallpaper I have ever seen!  I am going to hunt it down and make it mine!

I love how someone used these boxwood balls on a candle holder!


I want to recreate this in my entryway!

Mmmmm orange and teal with a touch of light pink! 

After looking at all of these beautiful rooms I can definitely feel some new projects coming into formation... this excites me!!!       


  1. Being crazy busy and yet happy is a great position to be in, Amy. I love the staging of these rooms. That first bathroom caught my eye just as it did yours. People tend to forget all that can be done with a bathroom. I also loved that kitchen with snake plant and other objects on the counter. Glorious color combinations throughout this collection! Thank you, dear friend!

  2. a fantastic collection of rooms!!

    I was wondering: are you on Pinterest? If not, you simply MUST be!! Here is my link if you are, or if you need an invite, let me know:

    Also, I had a question: do you know the name of the Font that you use in your post titles and your sidebar headings. I love it!!

  3. Hi Darlene! Thanks for following!

    I am not on Pinterest but I am very intrigued by it, I just need to take the time to learn how it works. I would actually love an invite, thanks for offering!

    For the post titles and sidebar headings I used Josefin Sans.

    I am happy you enjoyed the post!