Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Warm up your home for Autumn with this years HOTTEST colors!

Autumn is here and it is the perfect time to start prepping your home to feel warm and cozy for the cool months ahead.  I found some interiors that incorporate this years HOTTEST color pallet and will give your home that comforting feel we all need to get us through the winter. 
2011 Color Pallet for Fashion and Design
Use pops of warm colors from accents such as the throw pillows, accent chairs, reclaimed wood table top and flowers seen in this space.
Bring the outdoors inside with pieces of nature that will reflect the current season.  The organic shape from these natural objects (like the tree limb seen here) can be used to add softness to a space ( notice the location of the limb laying on sharp corner in the room). 
Lavender hues are a big deal this year!  A lot of times lavender has tendency to come across as a cooler color compared hues such as red, orange or yellow, but I must say this room feels very cozy!  There are a few pops of warm lavender here but most are a cool gray lavender.  What helps this lavender seem warm is the texture of fabrics used to make these items and pairing this color with warm browns, creams and golds.  When using a large amount of one accent color in a room (like the lavender in this one) it is great to add in a little sparkle of a complementary color throughout the space (such as the gold seen here).  To find complementary colors it is always best to go back to basics and reference a color wheel to help you with this process.
Golds, browns and creams are wonderful neutrals to fill a space and a great way to make your home feel toasty.  
This space has a wonderful contrast between cool and warm colors.  The walls and fireplace seem stark but the warmth of the furnishings add comfort.  What I like most about this room is it's Flea Market Chic style!


  1. These are gorgeous spaces! The colors look so wonderful together. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  2. So many ideas...I'll have fun imagining each room in my home! Thanks again for lovely ideas and presentation...